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Saturday, October 7

Hiding behind verbal foliage

I am back to reading the TOI( on and off). I think the newspaper has improved in the last 6 months. There is more to read at least in the weekend editions. Okay, I admit this improvement is relative to the general fare available today!

There is a section called Consumer Edge that comes every Saturday. Came across an article called The New Product Evangelist. And stumbled upon some ‘planner gibberish’ - words that weigh a lot, but mean very little!

Sample the following!

1.Prosumers are today's value brigade. Beyond this value equation based on price though, there is the bigger picture, which is in the realm of intangibles.

2. Today's consumers cannot be propositioned. They need in a brand a promise of sustained tenure of togetherness.

3. A brand must be good to cohabit with. It must create that space where brand and prosumers can keep each other company.

It’s my personal belief system that communication that reaches out and connects needs to be simple. Indian planners have often been accused and rightly so of needlessly and volubly berating the obvious.

Better planning doesn’t need longer presentations. Or complicated words embedded in convoluted thoughts. It needs innocent eyes. Sparkling insights. And a human voice.

Let’s be very clear. Our task is to simplify and not to contribute to the marketing noise! And lets not hide mundane ideas behind verbal foliage!

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