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Monday, February 12

Family is the New Friend

One of the great things about Indian culture is that we import stuff/ concepts/ lifestyles/ trends and almost always give a spin to it...

So, while elsewhere in the world, Friends might be the New Family, in India 'Family is the new Friend'. That's the verdict of a nation wide survey done by India Today-AC Nielson-ORG -Marg(browse the Feb 19,'07 issue)!

Have summarised some interesting facts and nuggets from the survey.

1. Parents become the new pal as young Indians, often transiting cities in pursuit of colleges and careers, seek emotional solace in the families they leave behind.

2. Family Longing. The percentage of people who would like to live in a joint family has gone up to 74% this year, from 68% in 2006!

3. For a generation that lives on take-aways, the uncertainty of blind dates/ speed dating/ divorce and constant job-hopping, stability doesn't come easy. Parents might be a convenience to have around, they might just be a mere sounding board or the last resort when everyone stands you up, but at least they are there. And that seems to be comfort enough.

4. Sociologist, Yogendra Singh, professor at JNU, says this reciprocity among India's youth, where the family is concerned, exists because parents in India are extremely supportive of their children, unlike in the West, where children are expected to be independent at a very early age. As a result, despite the influence of modernism, India's youth prefer to stick to family and traditional values...

And technology(be it the Internet or mobile or low cost airlines) is playing it's small role in keeping even the diasporic Indian family intact...


Tanaya said...


Don't know about the before and after bit of this.. But ya can relate to the whole family bit..

Though we've been a nuclear family throughout and maybe my parents do like the idea of joint families but at the same time i guess i wouldn't like to be in a joint family.. atleast not with my relatives :D.. he he

In anycase completely relate to the bit about parents being friends.. they are and have been my best friends since childhood also because i am the only child and they always treated me more like their buddy than child...

i have always taken my own decision with a complete suppot from them no matter how mad that decision has been.. there is not a single thing that i do not sare with them and i can cnfidently claim that.. starting from my crushes to the most serious things in life, the first call always goes to my dad or my mum..

They are IT for me:)

Anonymous said...

good one this is and how relevant.
what wud we do without family support? Even today, we look upto them for any kind of handholding.

BTW, mausaji, you look nice with the grey hair- salt and pepper look?? Richard gere?