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Wednesday, February 21

Shubh Vivaah : Media Planning & Account Planning

Today's Brand Equity carries an article by Ravi Balakrishnan on CCP(Consumer Context Planning) which looks like an attempted arranged marriage between Media Planning and Account Planning.

Media unbundling happened over the last decade in India. As somebody who has worked in the pre and post bundling era, I feel after the initial efficiencies of scale and cost benefits, the unbundling has pinched us all.

- The creative agency/ people lacks the much needed media perspective!

- The media agency has over the years often exhibited a trading house behaviour. The unit of creativity is traded like a commodity. Of course in the recent past, things are taking a positive turn...

- The clients have saved big money in the short run but now are gasping for a better engagement model.

Ravi Kiran(can't trace his blog), the diminutive but utterly dynamic CEO of Starcom South Asia elaborated on CCP:

1. An obsessive focus on rarely asked questions(by whom:-)

2. Partnering with academia in the fields of social sciences, psychology and anthropology.

3. Consumer panels which track not just brand choice, but also give insights into nascent trends.

4. 'Living with People' - an ethnographic study that has the CCP team spend time in people's home...being an unobtrusive observer of behaviour...

5. CCP aims to make the different disciplines work in a more seamless manner.
and the boldest of them all 6. CCP plans to work with parts of the creative industry that are more open to collaborations - be it in editorial content and programming!

Thanks Ravi, we need more guys like you...How about writing a post on this subject on your blog!


Kapil said...

While we are talking about Living with People - I have been recently going for evening walks and I love to hear what people around me are talking about. Discussing their children's schools, products, restaurants, trends & fashions. I think you tend to pick up interesting tid bits. It's all about observation which helps us understand hidden aspects of a consumer's mindset.

Manish said...

great going Kapil...keep at it...you get better with age:-)

and share some stuff...

Kapil said...

Here is something interesting called Trend Schools - A way to understand the Xers and Yers.

Ravi Kiran said...

Manish, just chanced upon this post while doing random surfing. Thanks for the compliments. BTW, I maintain two blogs. free2try.blogspot.com houses all my published articles and prizepebbles.com is my personal blog. I am starting another one soon, that will be a satire on marketing.