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Wednesday, February 28

Luxury Jeans - A Cross Over Canvas

They sound like two ends of the scale! Therefore, I was curious to read this India Today article(Feb 19 issue) under Society & Arts fashion.

Like elsewhere in the world, India is ready for designer jeans. Looks like the days of jeans-as-only-workwear is fast getting over! Even though, most people still care less about the label and more about the fit!

Even Indian designers are fast catching the luxury jeans band-wagon.

Rocky S, the Mumbai designer was the first to launch a jeans label Rocky S in 2002.
Designer Arjun Khanna's - 'Rockstar in Morocco' was a success!
Though even now, only a very small section of the buyers can afford to shell out 8K or more for luxury jeans.

Levis has its own Diva line endorsed by Sushmita Sen and the Redwire DLX jeans that are iPod compatible. There are also talks of a Levis-Manish Arora collection...

Wrangler has it's own 'John Abrahan by Wrangler' collection at the top end.

Designer Narendra Kumar Ahmed is set to showcase his signature jeans at the Lakme Fashion Week in March.

Then there is the Sevens brand detailed in Swarovski and the Jap-gone-global brand Evisu's hand painted jeans and stuff from Diesel!

I guess 'Luxury Jeans' would be yet another example of 'Massclusivity' - the marriage of 'mass' and 'exclusivity'!
I also feel jeans is the perfect canvas for cross-over adventures in India where...
East meets West
Denim meets Designer
Casual meets Party-wear
Blue/ Mostly White-collar meets Pink/No-collar
Ubiquity meets Fashion/style statement

Luxury jeans(and its various mutants/ avatars) would see an increasing rise in popularity as it would also in a way fall in the category of 'personalised' stuff. The growing digital, connected and participative world loves 'personalised' themes - be it a $20,000 car or a blog or a 'personalised' jeans!

And therefore I think the timeless blue denim has once again re-invented itself for the next decade!

Or am I reading too much:-)

PS. Images sourced from gettyimages.com & India Today


FiNK said...

Also.. Paper,Denim
Seven for mankind
Miss Sixty (setting up its first shop)

Lots of luxury jeans brands allow you to choose weaves, colours, weights, mixes, styles.. it's awesome. Diesel's design lab is a great example of this. Vive La Denim

BTW I think Guess is doing fairly well in India and their jeans too are priced 8K upwards.. I guess lots more ppl are willing to spend 10K on jeans today than they were 5 yrs ago.. Should thank Kishore Biyani for this =) I can now buy some of my fave brands at the mall next door in rupeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

Manish said...

i guess 10K is the new 1K...

thats the 10x change that's happened to a lot of upper/ upper middle class people in india!

i love biyani!!...he makes me want to be an entreprenuer:-)

must do a post on him! do u have any interesting interviews of his?