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Tuesday, February 6

A Lesson in Simplicity

Recently I heard Robyn Putter, the current creative head of WPP, a veteran in South African Advertising circles and ex-Ogilvy adman speak at a conference! It was a lesson in simplicity. At first so simple that I felt cheated. LOL

If I had to distillate his speech in one sentence this would be it. The lesson for me as a planner and consumer researcher. I think it puts things in perspective. And hopefully will keep me prepared for the inevitable surprises...


Devashish Bhatt said...

Hi Manish,

Saw your blog for the first time. You sound like a man of the world and I am sure just a few steps away from becoming the next management guru.

Keep up the good work



Manish said...

hey debashish.... great to hear from you. where are you now.

don't embarass me with such comments...its in the public domain:-)

pooR_Planner said...

Go for it Manish, you know you've it in you. Interestingly simple post.