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Friday, May 4

Ramachandra Guha's New Book

Read excerpts from Guha's new book - India After Gandhi: The History of the World's Largest Democracy(Picador India) in the May 7 issue of Outlook. Seems very promising! Must pick it up...

The book is the result of 8 years of Guha's research into the history of modern India. Culled from 70 different collections of papers, many of which have never been seen before.

Among the new revelations are 1. How Nehru thwarted the political ambitions of General Cariappa, India's first army chief, 2. How India had decided to split Pakistan well before the East Pakistan refugee crisis, 3. How it was criticism by Westerners that led Indira Gandhi to call off the Emergency...

My friend Ram has urged me to attend the Mumbai launch of the book on May 11th!


meraj said...

where is this happening?

am reading a collection of essays on varied subjects like religion, education, society and of course science written by einstein...theyve assembled it ina book called 'ideas and opinions'...superb read!

Manish said...

lemme get the excat address from Ram.
lend me this essay book. wud love to read it!