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Wednesday, May 2

The Smallness of Big B?

In my Oct 11 post, I had gushed my adulation for Amitabh Bachchan. But the recent event managed wedding of Abhishek and Ash and the loud noises made in/ by media left me puzzled about this great actor. Was wondering - is AB losing it?

No doubt, he is a legendary actor. But increasingly his close crony friends - Amar Singh and Mulayam, his less than credible endorsement of brand UP and his 'manglik' obsessions have left huge question marks in my mind!

Well, am not alone. The Outlook issue(May 7) has the artistic and literary community berating Amitabh's conduct during and before the Abhishek-Ash wedding...

Says film-maker Mrinal Sen - "The ritualism of so many temple visits is ridiculous. It's shocking that a person of Amitabh's stature should be indulging in this."

Voices the artist Paritosh Sen - "Amitabh has set a dangerous example by displaying superstitious beliefs. Because of who he is, the public watch and believe that much more."

The intellectual class is of the view that Amitabh's big-banner ritualism is a travesty of his father Harivanshrai's legacy!!

Of course one can blame the TRP hungry television media for the over-the-top attention given to a celebrity marriage but the fact remains that Amitabh has made a big public tamasha of a private wedding...And his overly superstitious doting father role has dented his image!


svety said...

this is interesting...i read the same article and had this to say

POOJA NAIR said...

Yes i've been having similar questions about the big b too.

Went for a beautiful play called "kaifee aur main" few days ago and learnt about how Kaifee Azmee spent a good part of his life making efforts to bring progress in his village (Mizwa).

This made me think about the way amitabh bachchan has completely ignored his village and kin!

Kaifee, with this modest earnings as a lyricist/poet did whatever he could for the village from which he hailed. Wheras the "big B" easlily forgot his routes. His village, Pratapgarh could do with some contribution from the 'megastar' that was born to it.

Manish said...

hey pooja - do read the said article in Outlook. You will like it.

thanks for the info on Kaifee. I wish mass media wud focus more on big accomplishments rather than big names...

svety - read ur post. Yes you had a totally different take:-)

Anonymous said...

This has little to do with the drift of your post, though i agree with it -

watched cheeni kum recently - for someone who is the BBC's actor of the millenium and a legend, he is quite complacent with his acting. Thought Tabu put up a much better performance than him.