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Saturday, May 26

Small Joys Amidst A Lot Of Jet Miles

I was cribbing to my friend Kumar about the drying of blog posts as my travel schedule continued unabated for the 3rd week running!

Frequent travel drains the juices...So I decided to catalogue all the Small joys that happened this last week as counter to the BIG travel.

1. When Neo rushed to hug me with chants of 'Papa aa gaya' as I reached home on Wednesday!

2. On the flight back to Delhi on Wednesday, I met my friend Rajul after two or more years...Chatted up with her...Her friend offered me a job at a branding company:-)

3. The hot dal-chawal-chutney-chokha after 3 weeks of regular hotel food...

4. Watching Metro with my friend DP at Priya Cinema...after ages...

5. Counselling from my mother yesterday on how to keep my cool amidst work pressure...

6. E-mail(few hours ago)from the French girl in London who wants to work in India as a planner!! Actually it was a power-point that I had asked her to do...Good stuff. Reverse BPO here:-)

7. SMS from Russell a while ago who wants another session of SchoolOfDavid.

8. The drive to Alibagh with my family. Watching the analog sunset when I should have been at the digital workshop. Sorry John. Had to take this break buddy!!

9. Getting drenched with Shilpi, Neo and Ved at Nishiland - the water park on Khopoli Road.

10. Checking my technorati ranking 10 minutes back and finding its risen by 1614 places even with erratic blogging in May... LOL

I feel these small joys are very important to cherish in order to stay sane amongst countless e-mails and meetings and discussions around soaps, mobiles and whisky...


soumya mukerji said...

Sweet one... yes, its such small things that make you smile. The sun and the son, the feud and the food, the rain instead of the daily reins and a motion picture that gives you the beautiful big picture of ur life :)

Manish said...

soumya - the copy writer....you write so well!!

cheers and keep sending those interesting links!