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Sunday, April 13

Sunday Snapshot

Skipped the morning treadmill, lazed around longer...The Sunday Indian Express is getting better. If only they cud make their weekday paper a little more lively, would once again switch to IE as my first newspaper.

Read the story on Mangesh Hadawale - the marathi film-maker, whose debut film Tingya is the toast of the festival circuit and headed for Cannes this summer. For a farmer’s son and a one-man theatre troupe—this is just the beginning. Check the full story here.

Another good read was the 'Beautiful world of the back-bencher' by Manu Joseph in the Sunday TOI.

Caught up with Shekhar Kapur's interview on the Director's Cut on Zoom TV. Kabir Bedi is atrocious as a chat show host!! Shekhar as always was brilliant. Managed to capture a few stray thots...

- "Once the camera rolls, there is no difference between Hollywood and Bollywood for me as a director. Getting to that point is different".

- "I resent the idea of the studio system which is a collective over-seeing of what essentially is a highly individualistic style of creativity!"

- "I am not a professional film-maker. I would like to call myself a professional NOTHING. Okay a professional explorer!"

- "At 24, I took a decision to drop career from my life".

- "New media bahut democratic media hai. What it means is somebody from Dharavi with an idea and a cheap handycam can get to show-case his/ her film at Cannes over the established movie icons!"

Perhaps he gets new media better than most people in our business...

Took Neo to the Imax dome for a lovely film on Dolphins. Father son competed on the Pepsi and Popcorn:-)

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