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Thursday, April 3

Goafest - Day Zero

For me and a bunch of 'newly acquired' colleagues, day zero(from late afternoon)was largely about beer, singing SD Burman songs and a not-so-bad Dainik Bhaskar party at Blueberrys...

The coming together of Abbys and the Goafest is a great beginning. Now if we have managed to lower the scam quotient of the awards, it wud be sone pe suhaga! But maybe I said it too early and maybe I am too naive in believing a change will happen soon.

Check out the conclave speaker notes if you haven't- 1. Agencies need to be active partners in brand building!

and 2. Agencies Not Bringing Value to the Table Why do we(ad agencies) berate ourselves so much!!!

Looking forward to an early morning splash in the pool:-)

1 comment:

Tanaya said...

chatty's msg - Although all scams.. great party though.. he he..so i guess nothing has changed from last year has it mansh? cuz i still remember your scam led post after y ou goafest trip..he he

One thing about advertising is that it makes you a great phaffer but no body really turns all that into action.. it all begins and ends at such bhashans that they give in goafests.. who is the one who is going to take responsibilty to turn the equation? everybody is just sitting and blaming some other factor other than themselves..

whats the solution.. ya if some third party in youngistan basically takes this action andif some fourth party sitting in blogistan looks at us this particular way then the world will suddenly change.. ha ha..