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Thursday, May 8

The Anaesthesia of Unconcern

Before the story gets buried in the debris of a hectic life, I wanted to do something about it.

Mohd. Javed, a 7 year boy was stoned while in a train to Bihar by our reality politician - Raj Thackeray's misguided goons. Because this boy is poor, a Muslim and from Bihar, there will be no more media mentions of him. Read the story on e-TOI here.

No candle marches. No NDTV sponsored sms frenzy. No 'Prince-styled-boy-in-a-ditch' drama!

A life might be lost while Mumbai police watches Raj tapes and gleefully finds nothing wrong!

A week later, there will be another rabble-rousing rally targetting north Indians.
The anaesthesia of unconcern dulls us all.

Drop in STD rates, liquor at 5-star hotels to be cheaper and sundry such stories jostle for our attention and Mohd. Javed is already forgotten by the city!!

Have mailed Mateen.Hafeez@timesgroup.com(the journo covering the story) to get the boy's contacts. He needs about 50K. Maybe we all can help him! Although Raj Thackeray should foot the hospital bill for Javed if he is a saccha Manoos(Marathi or otherwise).

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