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Monday, May 19

Blabnote : The World's 1st Vocal Social Network

Conversations, social media, ferments within my company and social experiments have taken/ are taking quite a lot of my time. But am enjoying this social school.

Pawar - the Mican trainee who is doing a project on digital media sent a link for blab-note - the voice-only social network a while back! Check it out here...

Blabnote, a British start up that is currently in private beta, has created what may be the world’s first “vocal social network.”

The product is far from perfect but it's the first step towards a voice-enabled-interaction future...The keyboard must now have a clear expiry date:-)

1 comment:

Kapil said...

Voice activated social networking doesnt excite me that much.

What I would rather like is the feature to leave a voice mail on my friend's list and the ability for all of them to hear them streaming online. I think a few sites offer this but none offer it on a local number in India.