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Sunday, May 4

Cuteness Can Kill

Hey guys, this cute Vodaphone Pug ad, which comes after every over during the IPL matches is now killing me with its repetitiveness!

Or am I the only one? Vodaphone and Ogilvy have yet again cracked a cute script and gone back to the Hutch days.

But somebody restrain their media spends. I loved it. My wife loved it. My son adores it. The bai, dhobi, driver all of them love it. Now chill guys and pull back some monies for different stuff.

Overdose of anything is bad for health/ brand health/ viewer sanity!!!
Any more dosage, and a cute ad will turn pug-noxious( or at least pug-rritation)...LOL

1 comment:

Rithika Menon said...

Hi Manish!!
Will have to agree with the pug getting on almost everyones nerves when Vodafone launched but the current spate of ads i feel have used the pug quite tactfully.