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Wednesday, May 14

Twitter. Thwitter. Reflection Time

A variation on twitter. Thwitter will ask one question - what are you thinking now?. You gotta answer in no more than 140 characters.

I guess there is a tremendous need for a thwitter in our creative/ knowledge economy.

1. Between two blog posts I have 10 other ideas which I fritter away...Now I will thwitter away:-)

2. Thwitter might force us to step back and reflect more often than merely do stuff...I have to remind myself to think hard, to step back and thwitter on any given day!

3. Maybe the underlying search-and-match software can help put me in touch with all the people who are thwittering on the same topic at the same time...

4. One can look at the thread of weekly/ monthly thwitters and see what one's mind was upto at the thweet level...

5. Maybe I will use less post-its with thwitter by-my-side...

Any thwitters on thwitter:-)

1 comment:

ajinkya said...

though u would be interested in knowing about this..