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Monday, April 23

GoaFest : Absolut Patli Gali

I think I pronounced my judgement on GoaFest a day too early! After the impressive event, came the dampener. The actual award show was ABSOLUT SCAM-VERTISING!

As Trevor Beattie said in his interview - you could spot the scams from a mile!

Amongst the biggest scamsters this year was Rediff! There was almost nothing that they had done for their biggest clients - Airtel or Colgate! Most of the awards were won for vague clients like the Midland Second Hand Book Shop!!

The worst categories were print and out-door, where almost 80% of the work appeared to be SCAM.

What is particularly depressing is that as an industry we are endorsing and celebrating the scam culture! So little respite in the years to come either...

I sorely missed Ogilvy. I think Ogilvy alone at the Abbys had more authentic/ mainstream work than all the agencies combined at the GoaFest.

So, in the end I would give full marks to GoaFest - the event and spectacle. But if one has to see genuine work, one would still have to rely on the men in black!


Irshad said...

Hi Manish,

Browsed through most of your blog after I saw your mail. Very nice :)

Manish said...

coming from a man of letters...that feels gud:-)

Biby Cletus said...

Excellent post, kudoos to the designer as well. do keep up the good work, will be back for more.

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