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Tuesday, April 10

Big Idea : Management meets Marxism

27 year old Chepuri Srikrishna from IIM A has created history of sorts by volunteering to intern at the CPI(M) office. He is the first guy in IIMs 46-year history to opt for this experience...

When I read about him in ET, I instantly loved his guts and 'thinking outside the box'. Says he - "The CPI(M) is not against reforms. They are against the pace of reforms. It is trying for industrialisation in West Bengal. The party stands for a certain section of people. It is not anti-people" He added that - " the IIMs are not anti-Left either".

Srikrishna had been impressed by Sitaram Yechury's speech and then set his mind on doing his intern at the CPI(M).

A self-proclaimed "left-of-centre" individual Srikrishna sees no alternative to economic reforms. "How to control the pace of reforms to allow the under-privileged sections to cope with change" is the challenge he hopes to meet partly through his internship at the CPI(M).

Maybe its time to do the reveres as well. Get some fire-brand young party workers from the heartland into advertising to shake up things a little:-)


pooR_Planner said...

Great post and a great idea in your last line. Many talented individuals during my college days spent their entire time in the college 'party room' depending on the party s/he supported - SFI/CP.

Wall graffiti, poster painting, thought provoking speech writing were some natural talents they all possessed. Give them an opportunity and am sure they can bring-in their mass gathering, mass turn-on skills on board, something that today's brand need the most.

Manish said...

politics is inseparable from the average bong:-) well the entire cow belt as well!!

lets think of ways to increase the catchment area of talent scouting.
any ideas??

pooR_Planner said...

1. Get high school kids to work with us during their summer holidays (a proper summer job with decent pay.) Criteria for selection should be - good in debates, essay/story/precise writing, any performing arts. Get them to work on brands which targets them. Groom them. Love them. Make them feel wanted and wait for them to join advertising on completion of their studies.
2. Trainees from engineering colleges. Get a mechanical engineering student to work on an automotive account. Or a computer engineering student to work on a telecom brand. No harm in trying.
3. Agency can participate in the SUPW classes at schools. Or brief the students to create solution of some problem during their SUPW class. They will love it.

Nurturing and not treating people like shit is the only way to go about. And as you mentioned in your next post, I think we should ask the GawdAdMen (within the industry should be given the task) to create a prodigy, each, in the next one year as a part of their KRA/Appraisal. Can they take this as a challenge?