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Tuesday, April 24

We Made Them Change

A friend of mine from Chennai mailed me this pix.

Says he - "Following the Jet-Air Sahara deal, Jet Airways went thru with a few
changes, one of them included a change in their colors - logo, uniform, etc

Last week, at many places across the city, big Jet Airways hoardings were
put up with their new punch-line, "We've changed."

Barely 36 hours later, KingFisher came up with an even bigger hoarding
declaring "We made them Change."

Seems like a war mirroring the Cola ones!"

Well, at least better than the advertising we have seen from Kingfisher till now except Yana of course...)


blaiq said...

Wonderfully executed tactical idea.

Reshma Anand said...

Did u see the one from go air atop those 2 hoardings ? - 'we've not changed....we're still the smartest way to fly'. I wonder whether that was real or digitally created.

Manish said...

no havent seen that LOL. do u have a pix?