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Thursday, April 26


Sujit from gkk-mode mailed me these ads post the Kingfisher tactical advertising post. This one's a classic. Had heard about them. I hope they are real and not internet generated scam ads:-)


Dhivya said...

I am hoping these ads are for real and not doing the rounds on the internet for mere enterainment value. I had posted a hoarding showcasing the cola war a closer look and one could clearly see the sloppy photoshop work.

Tanaya said...

Hey mansh you have missed out on the best part in this series.. you just have the first three ads.. the last one in line is the Bently chairman or whoever in the picture with no car or anything.. its just him sitting on a chair in style showing his middle finger..he he.. we had had a good laugh at it in david.. sujoy had the series.. if you wanna check it out maybe ask sujoy for it..

Oh and by the way i am sitting and going thru your blog after ages.. was running in my mind for a long time that i had loads to catch upto..:) glad i did today..

am missing david manish.. its nice here but.. you know its so weird.. all of us had a Pajama party at russle's place last night.. and in the morning on a usual day 2 months back we would all wake up and head out to office like a gang.. but today it was so different.. rithika, i and russell did head out together leaving the other behind to catchup later..but first we dropped russell to ogilvy and i got dropped off here at jwt and then rithika went ahead to bates..in this super connected world i still get out for a smoke and then call these guys at bates and i am put on speaker and i have conversation with all of them.. we are all online throughout and its like even though we are not around each other .. we are living with each other...life has changed.. still in a phase of denial but i guess it will come through :)

Have fun.. Miss u truckloads..