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Monday, August 27

Nostalgia Brand

Neo went to a birthday party...And got these Camlin Flora pencils in his 'khoi bag'- the goody bag which kids get(I hope I got the name right...)

Hey Meraj, these Camlin Flora pencils haven't changed since I was a kid and that guys was almost BC LOL

I tried stealing some of the pencils...Neo kept thwarting my efforts...

Just a thought - it's such an un-explored area in India - the creation of Nostalgia brands...Is there a big enough market for them?

Cars, music systems(Imagine launching a really retro-cool Murphy radio with the calendar FREE!!) or Binaca toothpaste with the plastic small toys only for 30+ guys...LOL

Guess age is catching up with me...sigh


Mayank Krishna said...

Indeed nostalgic! These used to be my favourite pencils in school :-)

And idea of creating nostalgic brands is really cool.

meraj said...

its a fine marketing idea and it will get many takers. me for instance would love to buy the handcolored posters of the movies of yesteryears, or the album covers of 60's 70's rock albums. in terms of brands, i would like to go for the tins of TOSH teas, Phantom cigarettes (what a big thing it was)or Coin toffees.

Santy said...

Triptin biscuits, NP bubble gum, spiderman cartoon on suday 5 pm only on DD.
Sigh! age is definetly catching up.