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Saturday, August 11

ROI on Tribes and Other Bakwaas

Was generally checking out other planner blogs here...Stumbled upon the Diginative by Fran Hazeldine, a London planner.

His recent post/rant is on the Discovery Channel Tribe promotion...

I agree with Fran, I don't think Discovery got the essence of tribe.(The copy and the tonality is so outta place) Looks like they have trivialised the concept...While I do not recall an Indian example, this quick ROI approach to youth marketing is a global malaise.

These days I am particularly wary of clients who want to capitalise on 'social networking', do a 'cool' promotion or want to use 'youtube' for their brands...

Many of them are blatantly ignorant of the Web 2.0 spirit, hugely insincere in their intentions and their short-sightedness sucks big time!!

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