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Friday, August 17

Last Bytes from the Boot Camp

And finally the Boot Camp ended today amidst a lot of last day excitement, business card swapping and photoclick sessions!The day's summary:
1. When it comes to spends on the net, there is a marketing confidence gap that exists...

2. Chris - our guest speaker from Microsoft reiterated that people increasingly wanna watch video content which they want and at their chosen time...Many of them in advanced markets are saying - We don't want advertising to interrupt us anymore.

3. Important figures to remember : Global software mkt = $135bn;Ad market = $570bn...But the geeks are meeting the creative!

4. Another very interesting comment by Chris: Reason leads to conclusions, emotions lead to action.

The day ended with all of us singing a rap song - penned by Desiree and yours truly...Goes something like this...

Slog thru da week, enjoy da WEEK-END
If u don’t make in this life, der will always be a SECOND

U don’t need Java or any other SCRIPT
Just b urself in the digital world to be a real HIT

Friendster, myspace, facebook, ORKUT
All guaranteed to get you real HOOK’T

And there is youtube, blogger , flickr, ETC.
When you chatter, gossip, twitter, they call it UGC

Upload, download, search, tag and SHARE
Be wer your consumers are, listen what they CARE

Sms, mobile, QR codes, CONVERGENCE
Being digital is learning with a VENGEANCE

And for all of us in the AGENCY
Digital opens POSSIBILITY!!

The video soon coming to a youtube near you:-)Sangkyu in the making of the videoDavid in the video shoot!

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