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Monday, August 20

The City In A Loop

BPL's now not so new 'In the Loop' campaign grows from strength to strength. It's grown from the teasers to a multi-media(print, radio, OOH; haven't checked the net for any sound bytes though...)

1. It's very colourful and loads of gettyimages but what's the point!!

2. Don't think the young TG that it's meant to woo are really buying it. Had a chat with a couple of them. Small sample, but they think it just isn't true of BPL. All this loop hype...

3. The other funny thing is that brand BPL is completely lost. All the ads promote is Loop. Unless they want to kill BPL and construct LOOP. Then it works:-)

Must talk to more BPL consumers and figure out how they view the campaign. I might be a bit too biased. Although, I like the art direction. It's fresh. But still a lot out of loop if you ask me!


Smiling Dolphin said...

I am an 11 year old premier customer of BPL and totally out of the loop on this one. But then I am not the TG. On the other hand, Idea's Mygang (similarish VAS ) is doing very very well. A good agency gets it right:-)

meraj said...

the pointless, colorful, playfulness of the campaign is precisely the reason why i like it. before this BPL stood for nothing....now atleast it has a 'pointless playfulness'.

as a BPL Mobile customer (which ive been for the last 3 years now) it doesnt make any difference to me. a 'Service' brand is as good as it delivers.


Tanaya said...

Ya like Miraj said as a bpl customer since last 5 yrs, its about the service, and i have never faced any trouble in terms of service, be it network or watver else versus other providers like hutch and airtel..

as far as the campaign is considered maybe it will not stick on people's mind because at a very basic level there is too much confusion with umpteen number of logo colours.. it mite be a beautiful looking hoarding or bus shelter but dnt think it does anything for getting noticed as BPL mobile.. it could be anyone.. doesnt have anything that people can latch on to.. not even just the logo identity..