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Monday, August 6

Twin Twin

Among the most refreshing corporate brand name change campaigns in recent times(India) is this UTI Bank to Axis make-over.

Simple idea that sticks. No verbosity. (Although, my planner Rithika feels(and rightly so), that twins are not the same. And actually it's quite demeaning to them...)

Ogilvy Mumbai does it again!


meraj said...

me too, liked this campaign.

Tanaya said...

Hi Manish

was chatting with Harshal yesterday (the ogilvy planner now in JWT), he made a valid point and if true then i think his point makes sense.. He said that UTI has changed over because they thought that UTI as a brand was not adding any value anymore and post all the Ruckus associated with UTI that happened in the recent past, people have kind of lost that trust or interest in that bank and therefore the need to changeover..

Then in that case when you are new and fresh then there has to be some added value that you got to show to the consumer for them to rekindle or kindle any interest in the first place..showing that the new version is exactly same as the old version does not do anything to change the perception and it will still be seen as fucked up as earlier without any change. Just a name change does not get any one to want to be a part of that bank. Also as a bank the name AXIS probably might not connect to the Indian consumer who is used to the abbreviations of long names like hsbc, hdfc, sbi or the word 'bank' used after a name.

I dnt know how valid are these points but to me if on the basis on which he is stating these problems are correct then it makes perfect sense..

Manish said...

yes UTI has had problems in the past which no new name can entirely address.

however, sometimes a fresh start can help reconstruct a better image in the long run.

But in the end, the service brand must deliver. The problem with many govt./ quasi-govt. brands is that they spend disproportionate
amount of time in cosmetic make-overs and never enough in revamping their service:-)

My post was only on the quality of the name change communication!

Tanaya said...

Okiieeeeeeeeeeee :-)

Kapil said...

Although I loved the simplicity and sharpness of the communication I think I would like to agree with Rithika. I believe twins just look alike. but they are a lot more different in their personalities which makes the person.

but UTI saying NOTHING HAS CHANGED only the name ... I don't know if thats the right thing they wanted to say.