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Wednesday, August 15

Boot Camp - Day Three - UGC & Digital Media

Digital Sparks

I have maintained for some time now that 'digital' is less about the technology and more about the psychology(client's, consumer's, etc.)

And today's session was mostly about this. The morning UGC session by Ajit was quite kick-ass...Some of the main carry-away thots were:

1. If you really love your brand, find out your way of letting it go...

2. Brand thinking must accommodate non-linear thinking. The best ideas have an element of surprise. Strategy is tactics today!

3. UGC insight : None of us is as smart as all of us.

4. English is no longer the dominant language of blogs/ expression/ conversations on the web!More of our Digital SparksBetter lunch than yesterday:-)

5. Interestingly 'Letting go of content control' also sits with massive control of traffic/ content through web 2.0 tools and other technology.

6. The new media signals a shift from the age of deference to an age of reference.

7. Ad agencies need to be prepared for the fundamental shift from 15% commission to 15 minutes of fame of their consumers!!

8. Media is social currency. if it isn't worth forwarding it, it isn't worth much:-)

9. Kids/ audience don't need another web-site! They need content and applications to make the digital space their own.
Ajit in Action

10. We had a very interesting talk by Ian Stewart, the Sr. VP, Viacom as the guest speaker for the day! He made a crisp presentation on the new digital generation!The impressive 'sensor-based interactive display' at the Funan Mall.

A packed day ended at the Brewerkz...The local micro brewery-in-a-restaurant where we downed beerJohn and his indecisiveness:-)...

Followed by a round of beer at Crazy Elephant...and another in John's room...

10. The 1% rule is all pervasive. 1% of the guys create content, 90% are passive viewers. The film maker, the critique and the viewer: the rules haven't changed much...Maybe they will never!

It's zzzzztime again!!


Kapil said...

Did you visit Clarke Quay in Singapore .. I see a little bit of it in John's photo. I was in singapore between 5 and 8 August for a holiday with my wife!

Manish said...

that was the regular adda:-)