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Tuesday, August 14

Boot Camp - Day Two - Digital Platforms & SNS

Brian Gyan
Actually missed breakfast...Mental note to myself...Web 2.0 surfing is addictive...Be careful!

The day was hectic but more interesting than Day 1. Morning was about digital platforms. Our colleague from Japan once again had some amazing case studies...DoCoMo's Tokyo rocks...Those mobile platform examples were really kick-ass and from another world!

Brian Tiong, ex MTV was the guest speaker for the day. Speaking on my favourite topic - UGC. He chucked his MTV Marketing head job some 18 months ago. Has been a portfolio worker since. Creative catalyst, trend analyst, strategist & new media evangelist as his LinkedIn profile says...Gave a brief over-view of the web 2.0 noise and action!

Curtis, from 141, then had a detailed presentation on DPOS( digital point-of-sale)...Again good cases and a systematic approach.
My colleague from 141 - Ajit, enjoying the hurried lunch-break...
Had scribbled notes...Here are some of my observations/ take-outs from D2...

1. I need to look at Japan more closely, more often for mobile learnings...Tokyo seems to be a decade ahead of everyone else...

2. We must try to hide the technology from people. Often that's the only difference between success and failure of a digital initiative.

3. Brian re-iterated the point - "the audience today is ahead of the marketer in many ways..."

4. He also touched upon the 4F's of marketing - the Filters, the Fanatics, the Facilitators and the Fire-Crackers...New labels but generally he captured the energy of the web 2.0 space...In 30 min, one can only paint a broad-brush-stroke...Some interesting web-sites to check out(zingfu, zwinky, mog.com etc.)

5. Interesting quote on adage.com -" Consumers are spending more money to reach media than marketers are spending to reach them" :-)

6. Very interesting take on Personal Circuits as an audience descriptor rather than the fast-losing-relevance SEC!!

Over-all a hectic Day 2...Saw this road-sign:-) on the walk back to Peninsula Towers.
Went to my cousin Neeraj's house for 'some ghar ka khana'! Was missing my daal-roti in just 3 days! Thanks Archana...

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