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Sunday, August 12

Digital Boot Camp and Beer

Arrived in Singapore this morning for the Digital Boot Camp...It's sort of a train-the-trainer programme. My friend, John Lambie,, who holds the lofty designation of Regional Integration Director is evangelising the show along with our CTO(T for Talent), David Meredith...

It's going to be 5 days of intense training. Had been looking forward to this!

Grabbed some sleep. Then roamed Beach Road and the area around the hotel with Ajit. After many square kilometres of walking and hunting for a digital bargain, Ajit finally picked up a 2GB stick:-)End of Singapore shopping...

In the evening, went to a small road-side eatery called Maggie Thai & Chinese Restaurant. There were about 20 of us. But the evening belonged to my colleague Lucy, the beer guzzling creative from our Shanghai office...

It was an interesting conversation. She doesn't understand much English and we didn't understand any Chinese. So, Tiger beer did all the talking:-)Johnny and LucyThe Digital Sparks
Tomorrow and the week ahead holds lots of promise...010101

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