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Friday, August 3

The World of Adike and More 2

This of course is a manufactured image...Little Neo was fascinated with this making of Adike2 LOL...

8. Every few years/ now months new types of brands enter our worlds which weren't there till some time back. Hi-Technology brands, Knowledge/information brands, Concept brands, Cause brands, the sub-set Green brands, Social media brands, DIY brands, Experience brands, the proliferation of Luxury brands...

And almost all of them play by rules that are fundamentally different from FMCG brand rules of the past.

9. Real, authentic(often contrived-authenticity) conversations are replacing the copy of our advertised messages...It really doesn't matter who starts this conversation. It could be the CEO, the guy-on-the-net, the copy-writer, the planner, the passionate marketer...It's about a collaborative project.

10. It's very difficult for the brand to hide anymore. So little scope for bull-shiting, no hype, consistency in all markets, brands gotta 'walk the talk' or refrain from taking the high ground.

11. Brands got to be all human...have a character and not a laundry list of all 'virtuosity'. Have flaws. Admit to them...Have a sense of humour and play.

12. And lastly, I feel we must somehow devise methods to measure the quality of consumer-brand relationships, not just contact points, eye-balls, awareness scores, foot-falls...
We never measure our personal relationships through eye-balls, foot-falls, awareness scores...Why should brand thinking be any different?
That's all I can collate for the moment...Maybe some-time later will do Adike 3!!

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