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Friday, September 8

Brand Refreshers: Create new entry points for branded content

All of us, in big and small doses have grown up in school and colleges on 'refreshers'. The 'kunjis'. Be it for Hindi, Physics or Chemistry! In an info-overloaded world, even brands and branded content need a refresher!

In the papers today saw a refresher for the program 'Left Right Left' on Sony Sab TV*. A 2 hour refresher episode for all the past 32. I think it's a great idea. Serialised content has a high entry barrier when you miss the start! Refreshers are a great way to give another entry chance to time-starved viewers.

Am not very clued on to the serialised content tactics. But I think Sony and Euro know their prosumer pattern well!

*Will somebody please tell me how to pronounce this brand - Sony Sab, Sab Sony, S Sab...

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