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Monday, September 11

T - Shirt Marketing

At least on 3 occassions in the past(once when handling Sprite at Ogilvy, the other time pitching for Kesari Jeevan at TBWA, and now for a client at David) I have initiated a discussion on T-shirt marketing! Tantra like 'brand messages' cheekily targetted at a niche audience...I feel its the next best thing to brand tattoes:-)

But everytime, the idea fell short of being executed for a myriad of reasons.

And now I find this Swedish company called T-post that sends subscription T-shirts!! Every six weeks the T-post crew focuses on an appropriate news story and gets to work on designing a T-shirt based on that news. You may not always read about your T-shirt’s story in the papers but in the T-post crew’s opinion, you should have.The story behind each shirt’s design is printed on the inside of the T-shirt, and the final result is more than just a cool looking T-shirt, it’s something to talk about.

I feel the idea is waiting to be exploited by marketers in India as well.

Many channels can use it to their advantage, so can youth brands - be it a Pepsi( can actually play around with the pesticide controversy), a Star Laughter Challenge or a Moto Razr. Any takers?


meraj said...

most good ideas come in a very soft and simple manner to you...you just need the right stimulus for them to happen. so this one just slipped through my skull, while reading this post of yours.

Amul, the dairy brand (am being specific because there is another b-grade brand of undergarments by the same name)can make loads of moolah by coming up with T-shirts carrying there hoarding ads which consistently keeps commenting on the society. folks will just lap them up...it will be a great property to own (considering the brand has a huge archive of these social commentry/ads)

on a wild note, maybe they can have a tie-up with the undergarment brand since they are already into making vests :)

Forum said...

Amazing thought...to add to others, social service campaigns can use this tool too...the concerned organisations can feed in details enabling a response mechanism...why not invite volunteers to work for a cause while sporting the message!

Manish said...

hey forum...excellent thought! i think NGOs can really do a lot of good through this medium and raise loads of money as well!