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Wednesday, September 6

White Collar Work, Blue Collar Pay

Many big media companies that deal with 'Creativity & Ideas' often for the rank and file dole out pay-packets and incentives based on the 'quantity of time spent' rather than the 'quality of idea spelt'. The systems for performance measurement are not as scientific and real-time as the ones for billing clients!

True, ideas are difficult to measure. But then when we can devise people meters to measure fleeting eyeball traffic, why not people meters to measure employee ideation and passion levels.

Instead of time sheets, and number of hours logged. Could we have idea sheets and number of ideas logged!

The actual methodology can be perfected over time! I guess crazy times need crazy ideas!

1 comment:

meraj said...

great IDEA! an IDEAmeter sounds good and profitable to the likes of us.

this makes me think of some romantic/poetic(though this one has a certain basis to it) concepts i used to think of when i was young and more poetic. allow me to share a couple of them:

- MISSINGmeter for measuring how much you missed the one you love and who is absent from your life.

- SMILE should become the new currency. the more honest smile one has, the richer that person gets. then ireached the conclusion that kids of the world will become the richest of all.

it will be great if the 'media-scientists' (is there is a species like that???) can design something like your concept Mr. Sinha. until then, we can just keep documenting our IDEAS and sharing them in the Blogs.