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Tuesday, September 5

Fark and the Market of One

I, the 18 day old blogger, was thinking blogging is for the under-ground men. Its for venting the thoughts, memes and other trapped emotions! But now a crop of entrepreneur bloggers, among them Drew Curtis, the founder of Fark.com are on their way to earn good money through blogging!

What is so insanely beautiful about Fark.com is that it's just a collection of reader submitted links to kick-ass videos, jokes and sundry trivia from around the web.

And even though many such sites might just be catering to markets of one, as the Long Tail points out there might be moolah there finally!

By the way, Drew of Fark is making at least $600,000 a month!!

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Anonymous said...

hey hi there..how can i become 'active' at ur blogosphere instead of reading what you so excellently write...rgds, vandana