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Monday, September 25

Formula 69 of myContent

Formula 69 is the name of a 90 minute film - a collab between IIT Delhi students and an IIM alumnus! The theme - 3 students studying in IIT Delhi have to solve the mystery of their murdered dean and retrieve the secret formula he has been working on! The heroes are called Magga, Bhains and Chatur( love the names!)

There are some great gizmos in the script. The first is a taste-maker which can make any yuck canteen food tasty( one less reason to hang onto Coke!), then there is B2B -a brain to beauty invention that converts mental prowess into beauty. And the third is called 'Jugaad' - a special automobile which is made entirely of scrap and runs on bio-degradable trash!

Yet another brilliant example of user-genareted content. So, after under-ground music - like Sutta, we now have an entire movie! My prediction is that the next cool/ cult film DCH2 will also originate from the IIT campus. Can't afford them, else would have loved to get some trainees from IIT for planning. (Meraj -Maybe you can pass the indiadrant link to some of them.)

Well, do mail your IIT/IIM friends and try to 'jugaad' a copy of the film.

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harshal said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I've enjoyed "Sutta" and in all likelyhood will enjoy this as well.

Not certain if it caught your eye, but the latest BusinessWeek has a feature on a phenomena called "Crowdsourcing" - a sort of process, if you want it thus, for "milking the masses for inspiration"

Well worth a read. Anyhow, the issue is a special on innovation (has one rather lovely mindmap) & an interview with one of my personal favourite industrial designers, Jonathan Ive.

To a limited extent, quali researchers have, in a sense been milking masses for inspiration- when you consider a long term quali panel -a longtitudinal analysis in nature could possibly give us changing trends and so on.