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Thursday, September 7

The Hi-Brow Agency

Agencies have ridiculously low levels of training per employee per annum. The little training imparted is random, without much thought and almost never consistent. Plus its seen by the bean counters only as EXPENSE! However, things needed be so. With a little bit of imagination, agencies can move up the hi-brow continuum.

Some business is today being farmed to mom-n-pop branding consultancies, one man strategy companies and other strategy sweat shops. And the pie can be much bigger.

The planning cells of agencies should be beefed up with vengeance. With talent, resources and imagination. My guess is there is loads of money in retail, inhouse-branding, new media, image-consultancy and various sun-rise sectors which agencies are and cannot tap because of their current low-brow status.

Agencies have the right heritage, soft skills and still some low cost talent which can be trained for a high-brow innings!

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