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Wednesday, September 13

Flash Brands Bollywood Ishtyle

Most of us have used flash memory and some of us know about flash mobs -a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, do something unusual for a brief period of time, and then quickly disperse. They are usually organized with the help of the Internet or other digital media/network. Though I have not really heard of flash mobs in India! Have you?

Now, Bollywood is increasingly using the same tactics to sell its masala fare. Here its the film - KANK, Bunti Aur Babli, Rang De Basanti or Hanuman! Bunty and Babli did something unusual - Abhishek and Rani as news anchors on NDTV, KANK stoked a national debate on extra-marital affairs, RDB had candle light protests all over the country...

Each of the 'flash films' grabbed the Nation's attention for a fortnite to a month. Got the viewers to the theatres, created 'buzz' and WOM like never before. And then equally fast dispersed from the scene. Although the memes remain active in pop culture. All the symtoms of a 'flash brand'.

All these 'flash films/ brands' practiced 360 branding with aggression - News content, actors as event managers, merchandise, digital media, sms/ mms, songs, national debates, controversies(RDB, Fanaah), the making of the movie DVDs, press conferences...

Welcome to the era of 'Flash Branding'. Aditya Chopra, Karan Johar and Aamir Khan know it. Maybe FMCG brands can learn the tactics of flash branding from Bollywood. Of course the products are different but there are occassions such as festivals where 'flash branding' can work very well! Any thoughts?


Pooja said...

Flash branding, as i understand it is something that the product does which has potential for a good buzz to be created around it.

The buzz and its benefits to the brand may not last long but while it lasts will have a huge impact.

It need not piggy back on a festival. Since the 'buzz' may get neutralized.

One example that comes to my mnd is Pantene's initiative in the US that Meraj told me about 2 days ago.

They encourage women to grow their hair long to donate it towards the making of wigs for cancer patients who lose their hair. So all women want to grow their hair now!


bhuvan said...

What ingredient products need to have for flash branding or buzz to work?

Manish said...

hi bhuvan, let me attempt a pov at the ingredients that make up a flash brand! I guess like any conventional brand, it needs a core offering. In the case of RDB - it was 'pop patrotism', Hanuman - was 'pop mythology' and Munna Bhai - is 'Gandhigiri' and the serialisation of 'Munna and Circuit'. But the better question to ask is not about the ingredients but the orchestration of media to create a flash brand!
Flash Brands must master the art of multiple contacts with the consumer at the same time!

Arjuun Sinha Roy said...

Hi Manish one of the few uses of flash mobs was in the promotion of Jassi by Sony TV. They had flash mobs in Marine Drive and other places of Mumbai ranting about Jassi.

Manish said...

thanks Arjun. i wasn't aware of Jassis' use of flash mobs. Trust Sunil Lulla to be the first one...does any one have Lulla's e-mail id?