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Wednesday, September 6

Honda : 360 Thinkering

Agencies and clients often run themselves thin thinking of 360 degree ideas. Often they are idiotic extensions of the main TV or print dependent idea. Sometimes bizarre, many-a-time interruptive and seldom adding to the brand gestalt in a long term way.

In contrast, this Honda example of 360 thinking I read in Forbes Asia is break-through, unplanned & refreshing. Shipping containers to the Honda plant in the US carrying auto parts were returning empty to Japan. So, Honda bought a small company producing soya beans for tofu. The empty containers started carrying upto 33K pounds of soya bean to Japan. Honda also set up a centre to improve agricultural processes!

That's what I would call 'inventive 360 tinkering'- Power of out-of-box thinking + eco-friendliness + really stretching the brand gestalt. And there's TV/ PR/ WOM campaign hidden here as well!

1 comment:

meraj said...

a very commonsensical move from HONDA. something, which marketing/communication professionals and thinkers keep giving various tags to.

on a rather funny note, i'd rather call it 180 degree idea, as they used the Ship going in the opposite direction. going back to the basics of geometry, thats 180 degrees, isnt it???