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Saturday, September 9

Psychic Concierge : Van Toffler Gets It

Van Toffler is the President of MTV Networks. In a recent article on Fast Company, he compared the new digital music service of MTV to a psychic concierge.

I loved the metaphor. The internet he said is like a huge black hole and brands like 'Urge' will help the music lover navigate it. So, the game is not about a Rs. 5 song download. It's about finding out more about the artists behind the new album. What other stuff have they played in the past. Do they belong to a specific genre? Can you create a radio station specific for me. Is there a device that I can carry with me which always has my recent favourite 100 songs?

'Urge' is the urge to spend more time with the artists, the album and the art of song creation! Not once does he talk about eyeballs, thumb-balls, ear-worms and other marketing jargon and yet I believe he will be a hit and get all the consumer pulse in the world! Van Toffler gets it. MTV is getting it! What do you think?


Anonymous said...

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Ritu Abrol said...

Great topics ....thought provoking ! The style of writing is natural and effortless, which gives a feel of one-to-one communication. Will try to peep into this section as often as I can. And write whenever....Cheers !