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Saturday, September 30

Brand Bling-bling

Read about Bling-bling in wikipedia and DNA today! Bling-bling is a hip hop slang term, refers to expensive jewellery and other accoutrements, and also to an entire lifestyle built around excess spending and ostentation.

The term originates from a hip hop track by rapper B.G. From there the use spread to street culture and then was adopted mainstream. It evolved from diamond-encrusted medallions for gansta rappers to dangling, sparkly earrings, bejewelled bags and belts, and skirts and tops - playing full volume now in Mumbai's pubs, clubs and restaurants.

The 'street' has been ahead of Bollywood and definitely most organised fashion/apparel brands for quite some time. The 'street' is quicker, more experimentative and is wired into the global chic community!

Was wondering if Bling-bling can add a dash of spark to many mainstream brands that get jaded because of their assembly line forms, designs and inventory. Bling-bling satisfies that latent need for a regular dose of small indulgence, the hedonistic streak in many of us!

It's also a surprise touch. And as many brands in the new millennium are discovering, people adore surprises more than brand manual dictated consistency!

Provogue I guess is a good fit for some Bling-bling, Van Heusen for all it's corporate wrappings can do well with a touch of Bling-bling, some denim brands can fly with bling-bling accessories.

However, the trick would be to maintain a whiff of street irregularity and rough edge. The moment companies try to corporatise Bling-bling, it will fade away!


Hiren said...

Very strange but a little while ago I came across a blog which stated that one should not complain at all, forget about grand lifestyle and spending. Take a look at this- http://sonic200.com/others/tuongphan.htm

Bianca Chanda said...

hey manish, this post is rilly good ya...funky idea....bling meets bing (chandler in frnds is in advertising)...but the last part is wot holds true most...so i ges if bling does meet bing it wud result in them both getting crushed by the corps...but all in all cool insight...ni-ice...